Meghan Joy Yancey uses her platform on social media to show you the most fun things in life. Meghan shares all sorts of great finds like: modern clothes and fun family games, yummy snacks and nutritious foods, and of course essential oils.

She’s using her platform not only to have fun and share her life but to reach the world with the love of Jesus by making sure she spreads a little joy each day.

In our time together, we talk about what it means to create margin and space in our lives by saying NO – even to the good things.

So It’s that time of year. Christmas time! And we talk about the jolly guy in the big red suit. Friends, if you’ve got some strong opinions on the Kris Kringle  make sure you’re listening where little ears aren’t able to catch the conversation. We travel to a topic that can get a little tricky this time of year…maybe even controversial… guys, we talk about Santa. And seriously, if you’ve got kids, you may not want to let them listen in because Megan and I discuss how we handle the existence of him in our homes.

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I have two guests on the show today! Best friends since 1st grade, Nena Jackson and Kristi Smith. They’ve written a book together called Fruit that Lasts. It’s an adorable children’s book that connects kids with the importance of the Holy Spirit. While I want you to grab this book for all the kiddos in your life, I also want you to know these ladies better. Kristi and Nena share some heartfelt stores before their wonderful book series came to fruition as well and how the book itself was divinely inspired.

Friends, I hope you’ll check out the book series Fruit that Lasts. The Holy Spirit can be active in every person’s life if we just invite Him in. Give your kids the gift of understanding the importance of the holy spirit by purchasing this book. I firmly believe this story by Kristi and Nena can inspire anyone big or small to dive deeper into their relationship with God.



Dawn Putnam is founder of Moms on a Mission, a non-profit charity that helps SO many people: Homeless, Foster children and Families, Low income families, Veterans, Teens, Disabled and the Elderly. Her organization is a grass roots model with an “it takes a village attitude” where anyone and EVERYONE can help those in need.

Her personal story is of poverty and and financial frustration will inspire you. As she says herself, “I went from one side of the food pantry line to the other. Receiver to Giver.”

I hope you’ll consider helping Dawn and the Moms on a Mission charity this Christmas. They have a huge need for their upcoming toy drive. Over 500 children are seeking assistance for this holiday season. 

Donations can be made at this link and would mean SO much. Please consider giving even the smallest amount to benefit the homeless, low income, and foster children for Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

This episode of the show features one word. Authenticity. My guest today is Danielle Clark, the founder of Unleashed.Life and we talk about living an authentic life. Danielle walks us through what it was like for her as child and the lies she believed about herself. Ultimately, she found that the way God has created her was perfect and purposeful and not something to shy away from. AND because our episode is just moments away from the face-stuffing, holiday THANKSGIVING we also talk about Authentic Thankfulness.
Have you ever felt like there are pieces of you that are TOO MUCH? Listen to Danielle’s story and see if you can relate.
Think of ways that you are uniquely created and bravely own them in your life today! God has created you perfectly and also to be exactly who you are. This means that you don’t have to apologize for being introverted, or talkative, needing people, or loving solitude. Remember that these are gifts of your personality and ask God to show you how he can use them in your life today.
This episode I get a little personal:  While I deeply love my family, the holidays, for me are one of the most stressful times of the year. I have things I very much look forward to and also things that create turmoil and stress in my life. For those of you that feel similar, I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. The struggle is real. Like really real. And I want you to hear this: Your difficulties are valuable. Your trials matter. Your hardship counts. While this episode is one of encouragement of thankfulness, it’s specifically one of authentic thankfulness. Life may be really hard for you right now. I’ve had some pretty rough holidays. One was the year my brother tragically died of a drug overdose. The other was the year later when my 3 year old nephew died and was take from us way too soon. Those first holidays we were all just shells of ourselves and being together while grieving differently was torture for some of us. Maybe you don’t have family or the family you have are not the ones you want in your life right now. Maybe you or your loved ones are sick. No matter what time of year. Life can be hard and in the middle of a time of celebration, life is still hard. Here are some encouraging words. It is possible to be authentically thankful when life is at it’s hardest. I’ve got four tips for you:
  1. When we don’t want to give thanks – acknowledge it. Own it! Be real with your feelings. Don’t force fake thankfulness
  2. When it feels difficult to give thanks – ask yourself why? Maybe you’re justified. But maybe you’re not. Dive deeper into your feelings so you can be true to yourself
  3. When it looks impossible to have a thing to be thankful for – keep searching. There’s ALWAYS ALWAYS a reason to give thanks. Choose to find the positive in your life, even if it is the very smallest thing.
  4. When it is just not within your power to be thankful – When you literally say, “I jut can’t” Ask God to give you strength. He will.
John 15:16 You did not choose mebutzI chose you and appointed you that you should go andabear fruit and that your fruit should abideso thatbwhatever you ask the Father in my namehe may give it to you.
This is what Danielle was talking about with her Authentic life, “You did not choose me, but I chose you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide.”
The second part of the verse should affirm you in asking God for the ability to be thankful. “So that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you.”
Ask God for the ability to see all the things in your life that you can be thankful for.

Today I get the pleasure of sharing a great conversation I had with Christy Boulware. She is the founder of Fearless Women and you’re gonna love all that she has to share with us today about the balance of our spiritual lives along with our physical and emotional health.
Christy is another gem of a gal who I just adore. She is fired up to help other women break free from the anxiety and panic of their busy lives.
Christy came equipped with her favorite things:
Loreal Coverup Root Spray – perfect for those ladies with extra wisdom highlights that cannot let them show in between touch ups.
Dove Dry Shampoo  – she says it’s one if the most inexpensive but best smelling dry shampoos out there!
Chase the Lion, a book by Mark Batterson –  get real to be empowered and chase your dreams with this book.
I felt like I could connect with Christy on so many points about being overwhelmed and overworked. How about you? Do you need to bring some happy messengers back to your brain? In the podcast, you’ll learn that it’s the surrender to Jesus that truly brings the ultimate peace. I hope you enjoy listening. And don’t forget to check out Fearless Women Instagram and the encouragement that Christy and her team are ready to bring.